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Limited Time New Year Offer! Purchase any kit containing two hearing aids and get a FREE TV Listener.

Limited Time New Year Offer! Purchase any kit containing two hearing aids and get a FREE TV Listener.

Wireless Neckband Hearing Amplifier with Bluetooth Streaming, Rechargeable (EZ-Hear)

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Allows users to amplify nearby sounds with the built-in microphone that boosts all sounds in your proximity. Additionally, it can stream music and take phone calls at the volume they feel most comfortable with - all with the touch of a button.


    - Stream crystal clear music from your phone or tablet.


    - Take hands-free phone calls with the built-in microphone.


    - Enjoy binaural hearing & feedback-free amplification perfect for family dinners, conferences, places of worship, and much more! Simply place the earphones in your ears and enjoy being a part of the discussion again.


    - Lithium-ion batteries with 20 hours of use on a full charge! 3-hour fast charging time.


    - You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to hear. We've got your back (and ears) with a 60-day moneyback guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Free technical support from our highly trained Customer Care Center, available year-round.

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Product Details

Our EZ-HEAR is designed for every occasion with a strong noise filtering feature, little to no feedback from amplification, and simple, easy-use with minimal buttons. Enjoy modern features like hands-free phone calls and streaming your music via Bluetooth from your smartphone. Easily answer phone calls or pause music with the touch of a button. Earbuds that stay in your ears, and when you are done let them hang from the neckband and stay out of your way with their magnetic ends. This neckband has a sleek modern design that provides all day comfort due to its lightweight design.

Simply place the neckband around your neck with the controls and microphone on your right-hand side, insert the two earbuds, and enjoy sound amplification or streaming at the touch of a button! Pick the volume you desire to hear at using the convenient buttons on the right side of the neckband. From Hearing Assist, America’s #1 Affordable Hearing Aid Brand.

What's Included?

Why Hearing Assist

Rechargeable models

Never change a battery again.

60 day money back guarantee

Try them in the comfort of your home for 60 days, with our 100% money back guarantee.

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We believe everyone should have access to better hearing. Monthly payments with Affirm puts better hearing within everyone’s reach.

Peace of Mind

Better hearing enriches your life, and your hearing aids play an integral role. Our Peace of Mind Plan is designed to make certain you always have a working set of hearing aids, so you never have to be without them.
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