Earwax Removal Ear Spray. Safe and effective 50 mL spray bottle with ergonomic nozzle. Propellant gas free.


Hearing Assist’s Ear Spray uses a unique ear wax softening agent to remove wax build-up quickly and with ease.  The chamomile-based formula prevents irritation in the ear canal while providing a pleasant scent.  Our Ear Spray will:

  • Prevent skin irritation
  • Clean and soothe the ear canal
  • Remove excessive ear wax
  • Maintain essential residual ear wax to prevent dryness

Our ergonomic nozzle allows the product to enter and fully coat the ear canal while our special formula acts rapidly to clean.  Competitive products use a tedious dropper bottle which only allows a slow drip of product to run down the groove of the ear canal and can take days to work to full effect.
Chamomile based (Chamomilla recutita flower extract)
Active Ingredient: Carbamide Peroxide 6.5%
                                Purpose: Earwax removal aid.
Net volume: 50 mL (1.69 fl. oz.)
Suggested Use: Occasional use.  2-3 pumps per ear.  2-4 times per week.
Lasts up to 4 months with daily use!
Use in the shower for an easy cleanup!
Our entire line of cleaning accessories are professional audiologist grade quality and are:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Electronic safe
  • Created to provide the highest quality of hearing aid care
  • Designed to combat issues pertaining to ear wax and bacteria
  • Formulated specifically by audiologists and tested by real hearing aid users