ReCharge Behind The Ear Bluetooth Hearing Aids

On Sale: $599.98 was $899.99

New for 2019! (Smartphone required) Provides ultimate control over your sound environment--including a Self Hearing Check that tunes your hearing aids to the results with the easy to use Hearing Assist App.


Optimize the ReCharge! HA-802 to your personal needs using the Hearing Check within the App. Take Control over volume, amplification levels of different frequencies, background sounds and more — giving you ultimate control over your sound environment.

  • Self-optimizing Hearing Check via App
  • Smart phone Bluetooth App control
  • Two ReCharge! BTE Hearing Aids for both right and left ear 
  •  Crystal clear digital sound quality 
  •  Up to 43dB of amplification 
  •  Advanced layered background noise reduction
  •  Feedback Suppression 
  •  Magnetic charging dock with dual charging ports & Plug Adapter 
  •  Simple, Illustrated Instruction Manual 
  •  Multiple ear cap sizes 
  •  1 year warranty 
  •  60 day  money back guarantee

ReCharge Behind The Ear Hearing Aids Manual
ReCharge Behind The Ear Hearing Aids Quick Start Guide