ReCharge Behind The Ear Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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(Smartphone required) Provides ultimate control over your sound environment--including a Self Hearing Check that tunes your hearing aids to the results with the easy to use Hearing Assist App.


Optimize the ReCharge! HA-802 to your personal needs using the Hearing Check within the App. Take Control over volume, amplification levels of different frequencies, background sounds and more — giving you ultimate control over your sound environment.

  • Self-optimizing Hearing Check via App
  • Smart phone Bluetooth App control
  • Two ReCharge! BTE Hearing Aids for both right and left ear 
  •  Crystal clear digital sound quality 
  •  Up to 43dB of amplification 
  •  Advanced layered background noise reduction
  •  Feedback Suppression 
  •  Magnetic charging dock with dual charging ports & Plug Adapter 
  •  Simple, Illustrated Instruction Manual 
  •  Multiple ear cap sizes 
  •  1 year warranty 
  •  60 day  money back guarantee

ReCharge Behind The Ear Hearing Aids Manual
ReCharge Behind The Ear Hearing Aids Quick Start Guide


Earwax Removal Ear Spray. Safe and effective 50 mL spray bottle with ergonomic nozzle. Propellant gas free.


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Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray. 30 mL pump bottle with additional scrubbing head.


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Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes. Convenient and individually packaged wipes. 30 wipes per box.


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Hearing Aid Comfort Gel. Combats skin irritation and itchy ears. 5 mL tube.


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Peace of Mind Plan


$12.95 per month or $129.50 annually (Save 25.90!).
Select below.

With our Peace of Mind Plan, if your hearing device ever stops working the way it is supposed to, send it back and we'll send you a brand new one!

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Portable Hearing Aid Electronic Dry Case



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BTE Hearing Aid charger (comes with AC Adapter & USB cord)


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Small Hearing Aid carrying case


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Beige Single Behind the Ear APP version Hearing Aid (universal left/right)


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