Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray. 30 mL pump bottle with additional scrubbing head.


Hearing Assist’s Cleaning Spray is formulated to provide the most effective cleaning of your hearing aids.  The Cleaning Spray comes with two heads!
Misting head: Used for a general cleaning
Anti-rotation scrubbing head: Used for a deep cleaning
Our unique solution allows for a complete cleaning of hearing aids by dissolving ear wax and removing bacteria, all without damaging the electronics or the color of your device.  Many spray solutions on the market contain high concentrations of alcohol which can break down adhesives and damage the device’s color.  Our Cleaning Spray is:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Electronic safe
  • Designed to provide a deep clean with the scrubbing head
  • Designed to dissolve ear wax
  • Designed to remove bacteria that can cause irritation and infection

Net volume: 30 mL
Suggested Use: Daily to maintain hearing aids.  Spray solution onto a soft, dry cloth to wipe hearing aids.  Afterwards, dry the device with soft, dry cloth.
Our entire line of cleaning accessories are professional audiologist grade quality and are:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Electronic safe
  • Created to provide the highest quality of hearing aid care
  • Designed to combat issues pertaining to ear wax and bacteria
  • Formulated specifically by audiologists and tested by real hearing aid users