Peace of Mind Plan


$12.95 per month or $129.50 annually (Save 25.90!).
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With our Peace of Mind Plan, if your hearing device ever stops working the way it is supposed to, send it back and we'll send you a brand new one!

Our common goal is the enrichment of your life through better hearing. Your hearing aids play an integral role in changing your life for the better and not having them creates a hardship.  We designed our Peace of Mind plan to help you to avoid such a pitfall by making certain that you always have a working set of hearing aids.

Things happen over time, ear caps and tubes get clogged resulting in poor amplification, rechargeable batteries degrade, you accidentally drop or get your hearing aid wet and it stops working, you lose it – all of these things can cause you to stop wearing your hearing aids because it costs too much to fix or replace them. That isn’t the case with our Peace of Mind plan. No matter what happens to your hearing aids, we have you covered with guaranteed low service fees as long as you're a member of our Peace of Mind plan--just $12.95 per month, or purchase the annual plan for the best value!

In addition to guaranteed low fees for service or replacement, the Peace of Mind Plan provides you with free additional earcaps and eartubes.  Once you determine the size that fits you best, we’ll send you 30 ear caps and 10 ear tubes (if applicable) so you won’t have to worry about cleaning these critical components (and the number one reason why most people think that their hearing aids have stopped working).  

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