Our Peace of Mind Plan is designed to make certain you always have a working set of hearing aids without having to go through the hassle and expense of buying new hearing aids

What happened to the sound? It worked fine yesterday!!!
Clogged Ear Caps and Tubes are the number one reason why most people think their hearing aids have stopped working…(click for more)

When caps and/or tubes are clogged, these simple yet critical components prevent sound from coming through the hearing aid, but it doesn’t mean that the hearing aid is defective. With our Peace of Mind Plan there is No More Cleaning Ear Caps or Tubes! Once you determine the size that fits you best, we’ll send you 30 ear caps and 10 ear tubes (if applicable) so when your caps or tubes get dirty, you can just remove and discard the old ones and replace with the new ones. If you need more caps and/or tubes, we’ll send them at no additional cost to you (limited to a maximum of 50 caps and 20 tubes per 12 month period).

What happens when the rechargeable battery starts to wear out?

Like the rechargeable battery in your cell phone, your hearing aid battery will eventually lose power and need to be replaced (estimated life span is 500-1000 charge cycles). With our Peace of Mind Plan, when your battery life starts to diminish, we’ll exchange your hearing aid for just $50.00 so you won’t have to pay full replacement cost for a new one (limit one replacement per hearing aid purchased per 24-month period)

Oh NO! Where is it?
That’s the first thought to pop into your head the moment you realize it’s gone. Then, panic sets in because you paid a lot of money for your hearing aid, and now it’s gone…(click for more)

With our Peace of Mind plan, there’s no need for panic or worry because you can get a one-time replacement for a lost, stolen, or misplaced hearing aid for just $95.00 (limit one per 12-month period. Additional lost hearing aid within a 12-month period is 20% off regular price).

Oops! Did I do that??
You drop it, you get it wet, your dog chews it…(click for more)

unfortunately, accidents happen from time to time, but they shouldn’t stop you from hearing those sounds you’ve grown to love again. If you accidentally damage your hearing aid, send it back for a replacement for just $75.00 (limit one per 12-month period. Replace additional hearing aids during 12-month period for 20% off regular price).

Why isn’t this thing working?
While our products are built to last, parts can wear out over time…(click for more)

If your charger/power cord or dehumidifier (if purchased) stops working after the one-year warranty expires, we’ll exchange that component for just $25.00 (limit one charger/power cord or one dehumidifier exchange per 24-month period).


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If you purchased our Hearing Aids from another retailer (Walmart, Amazon, etc.), you are still eligible to purchase our Peace of Mind Plan here today!  This plan provides much more than just an extended warranty--it also provides free eartubes and earcaps, as well as low cost replacement options for loss and/or damage.  Simply sign up for your plan here today.  As long as you are actively enrolled in the plan your Hearing Assist hearing aids will be covered.  When you call our customer service, they will be able to locate your plan based on your name and/or order number.  At that time you can describe your model and purchase location and our wonderful customer service personnel will take care of you.


Peace of Mind Plan


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