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Limited Time Holiday 2021 Offer! Purchase any kit containing two hearing aids and get a FREE TV Listener.

Limited Time Holiday 2021 Offer! Purchase any kit containing two hearing aids and get a FREE TV Listener.

Ear Caps


Multiple sizes and styles available to fit your personal needs. Click below to see the sound difference.

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Product Details

Closed Dome

A closed dome provides a better seal in the ear canal which can help to reduce feedback and amplify low frequency sounds. Since a closed dome seals the canal better there may be an increase in the occlusion effect when compared to open dome.

Open Dome

An open dome allows more unamplified sound to pass through the ear canal which can help to reduce the occlusion effect, but also cause less amplification of low frequency sounds.

Foam Dome

A foam dome provides a more complete seal since the foam can conform better to the user's ear canal. In addition to the comfort of foam, the ability of your hearing device to amplify low frequency sounds will increase. Due to the seal provided by the foam dome there may be a larger occlusion effect when compared to the closed dome.


Ear caps need to be replaced from time to time as the medical grade silicone material wears and becomes discolored, torn, clogged and/or brittle.

  • 10 ear caps per BTE pack
  • 3 ear caps per ITE pack
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Replacement ear caps for old or discolored ear caps
  • Ear caps for BTE (behind-the-ear) & ITE (in-the-ear) models

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