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Limited Time New Year Offer! Purchase any kit containing two hearing aids and get a FREE TV Listener.

Limited Time New Year Offer! Purchase any kit containing two hearing aids and get a FREE TV Listener.

Our Story

Hearing Assist exists because the business of hearing aids needed to change.

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High quality + Low costs = Happier life

The ridiculously prohibitive cost of hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss is a problem. If you need hearing aids but you can’t afford them or don’t have easy access to quality healthcare, you pay the price in so many other ways. Since 2008, Hearing Assist has been working tirelessly to bring access and affordability to the hearing aid industry.

Hear what you’ve been missing

We launched in 2008 with the innovative, yet affordable, Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing aid (the “Bionic Ear”) – the first FDA registered rechargeable hearing aid sold directly to consumers. All Hearing Assist hearing aids are designed to amplify the frequencies most commonly associated with mild to moderate hearing loss, and one size fits most.
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We got here first, to put you first

Over the course of 10 years we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of this and other quality hearing devices, without the high cost of middlemen or professional audiology services.

Clear expertise

Improving the quality of your life is our greatest pleasure. It is our sincere hope that our efforts since 2008 have played a role in changing the business of hearing aids in the US. In 2017, we redesigned our line to leverage the latest technology. Our newest rechargeables feature longer battery life, better sound quality, and more programs and features, all at still affordable prices so you can hear what you’ve been missing.

We proudly stand behind our products with excellent US-based customer service and a 60-day money-back guarantee. We invite you to explore our products and see for yourself how Hearing Assist can change your life!

Meet the Team

We’re a close-knit entrepreneurial team that’s worked together for 20 years.

Tané Manning

The Boss in the office, the one who makes sure everything gets done.

Tony Bender

A wizard who translates mountains of data into decisions and consistently does whatever it takes.

Nick Naylor

Ideas, products, sales, and putting the pieces together; Nick has his hands in everything.

Don Kopf

A master at handling situations that don’t fit standard procedures with grace, and a sick wit also!

Customer Service

Our Customer Care Center provides stellar, professional service for our customers through access to the best in class in customer service, training protocols, reporting methods and ability to scale.

Engineering Partners

With a wealth of expertise and extensive experience in design, engineering and manufacturing, our engineering partners David Yu, Larry Hagen, Johan Carlson, and their associates help us to maintain the exacting standards you’ve come to expect from Hearing Assist products.