The Pioneer in Rechargeable Hearing Aids

In 2008, Hearing Assist set out to solve a problem: the high cost of available solutions for mild-moderate hearing loss.

Numerous barriers limit access to hearing health care, particularly the high cost of hearing aids (average cost is $3000-6000 for a pair), and lack of coverage by Medicare and other insurance companies.

…for a $5000 pair of hearing aids, approximately 2/3 of the cost actually covers an audiologist's time and services)

"The American Journal of Medicine", 2016


We began selling an innovative rechargeable hearing aid that was designed to amplify the frequencies most commonly associated with mild to moderate hearing loss (“one size fits most”), and launched via a popular television commercial featuring a well-known television star. That product was known as the Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid (“Bionic Ear”), and was the first FDA-registered direct to consumer hearing aid, as well as the first rechargeable hearing aid. Over the course of 10 years we sold hundreds of thousands of this and other quality hearing devices, without the high cost of middlemen or professional audiology services.

During this time we developed an in-house US based customer service team with compassion, experience and knowledge in both our customer demographic and our product selection.

In 2017 we began working on new product offerings and strategies. Technology changed a lot over the years, and we now had improved product designs with longer battery life, better sound quality, more programs for use in various settings, and in general better customer satisfaction. In August of 2017, Congress passed the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act, which determined that an official federal government-sanctioned over the counter hearing aid market will override the state laws that have helped to keep prices high for consumers across the country.

Hearing Assist is a business that sees an opportunity to improve people’s lives with great products at amazing prices, and with excellent customer service. We like to think we’re playing a part in improving the cost and quality of healthcare offerings in the US. We hope you agree, and invite you to explore and try out the products that we stand behind.


  • My 90 year old Father has been using hearing aids for years, pretty much ineffectively. You have to yell at him for conversation and if you are behind him, he cannot hear at all. I decided to try these new ones as a last resort. Strait out of the box, they have only a very slight charge, but I had to try them anyway. He put them in and said, "these things are loud". I said in the normal yelling voice, "Can you hear me?". He said calmly, "I can hear you". I lowered my voice and said it again and the response was the same. I walked away several feet and lowered my voice and got the same response. He will never have good hearing again no matter what, but now anyone can carry on a conversation with him.
    – Boyd Melchor
  • Bought these for my husband who has tried many brands of hearing aids. Right out of the box he could hear clearly and said that I was talking to loud ;-) Where before we had to have the volume on the TV on a 50, now we have it on 18. Thank you Hearing Assist for such a wonderful product.
    – Frankie Jones
  • Better than my 6,000 dollar otiologist purchase
    Excellent service!!
    – D. Hubert Manning, MD
  • I ordered the “Hearing Assist behind the ear hearing aids” from Amazon because I wasn’t familiar with the company and know that Amazon has excellent warranty service if it was needed. When the new hearings aides arrived they were the in the ear models not the behind the ear models I had ordered. I contacted Hearing Assist about the mixup and they sent me the correct pair the next day via priority mail and I received them in 3 days. They also sent a postage paid return package to send the wrong order back. The Hearing Assist Hearing aides seem to be as good as any we have ever bought (these were for my Wife). The fit is good, “she forgets she’s wearing them”, the sound is nearly natural, and the rechargeable battery system is just awesome. No more fumbling with tiny expensive batteries every few days. Did I mention Great Customer Service. Thank you Hearing Assist for good Hearing aides at a fair price.
    PS: I would not hesitate to order straight from the company. Good people.
    – James O.
  • We liked the charging block. Very convenient. The hearing aids work but the volume adjustment is almost impossible to use. It is so small that we can't even locate it when these are on my mothers ears. She can't feel them and has to remove them from her ear to adjust and use a magnifying glass. The roller adjustments should have bigger grooves to feel the movement.
    – Cooper D.
  • I wasn't sure what I expected from these hearing aides. I have been very pleasantly surprised. They work as well as the $3,000 hearing aides I purchased several years ago. These are over the ear hearing aides versus the custom in the canal older pair I have. The fit is very comfortable and there are a number of sizes included for the part that fits in the ear. Their normal run time exceeds the 14 hours a day I need them. Overnight charging assures a full charge although the specs list a shorter charge time. Quality is excellent and the four programs actually work improving sounds in a car, restaurant, etc. Overall, a really good product comparing favorably with much more expensive units.
    – Robert E. Henkin
  • We purchased this for my mother-in-law - who had decided to invest $4,000 in hearing aides a year ago, and has been dissatisfied with them. The batteries have to be changed a few times a week, they are uncomfortable, and the sounds are not clear enough. She tried to return them, to no avail.
    First off she was skeptical - why bother - if the ones she got weren't good enough - how could these that are so much cheaper be any better?
    Well - to her surprise - they are so much more comfortable, she loves that she doesn't have to change the batteries all the time - the charger is easy to use, and she is able to hear clearly!!!!!! She has been recommending then to her friends....
    I wich there was a way to get the others refunded for her - that is her only disappointment.
    – Amazon Customer