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Limited Time New Year Offer! Purchase any kit containing two hearing aids and get a FREE TV Listener.

Limited Time New Year Offer! Purchase any kit containing two hearing aids and get a FREE TV Listener.

ReCharge! Behind the Ear Receiver in Canal Bluetooth Hearing Aids (HA-900)

Receiver In Canal
Current Price $699.99
Original Price $999.99

Add 1 hearing aid kit and 1 TV Listener to your cart to automatically get the TV Listener FREE!

This Holiday Season 2021, Hearing Assist brings an exclusive deal by providing this Hearing Aid and TV Listener bundle for the incredible price of one Hearing Aid kit! Two devices to make your holidays and everyday life more comfortable. Use your Hearing Assist Hearing Aids to get high quality digital sound processing in everyday events – from group conversations, birds chirping on morning walks, or music on the radio! Switch to your Hearing Assist TV Listener when you want to watch television at a level perfectly tuned to your liking. You can even use the TV Listener as a Hearing Amplifier at the dinner table or church. Instantly be a part of the discussion again when you place the Remote Microphone at the center of the conversation. You have nothing to lose, and everything to hear!

New for 2021, our state-of-the-art rechargeable receiver in canal (RIC) design provides better high-frequency response and works with our Hearing Assist App to tune your hearing aids to your personal needs. No smartphone? No problem. The ReCharge! RIC has an easy-to-use toggle switch to change your volume and settings. Bluetooth audio streaming not supported.


    - Transmission losses are minimized by relaying the amplified sounds directly to your ear rather than through the ear tube.


    - Adjust your volume and program settings using the free Hearing Assist App to gain total control of your sound environment. The Startup is made easy with the App's Hearing Check that will tune specifically to your needs. Ultimate control over volume, background sounds, frequency amplification and more.


    - There is no need to buy and replace your batteries. The ReCharge! RIC comes paired with a magnetic charging dock that supplies a full day of charge to your powerful lithium-ion hearing aids. 


    - Crystal clear directional sound thanks to the microphones located on the front and back of each hearing aid.


    - Rain and sweat are not to fear! Worry-free splash protection is guaranteed with our certified IP65 rating.


    - (1) All Around, (2) Restaurant, (3) Traffic, and (4) Outdoor. Adjust your hearing mode in the Hearing Assist App or via the Program Button located on your Behind the Ear Hearing Aid. Four preprogrammed modes allow you to explore what works best for you depending on the setting you are in.


    - You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to hear. We've got your back (and ears) with a 60-day moneyback guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Free technical support from our highly trained Customer Care Center, available year-round.

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Product Details

New for 2021, the ReCharge! Bluetooth Receiver in Canal hearing aids have the most features in the Hearing Assist lineup! The Receiver in Canal design provides for excellent high-frequency amplification and is the most common design sold by professional audiologists. The modern silver color and small BTE profile (20% smaller than our HA302/802) makes this unit look just like the hearing aids sold for over $5000. Our free Hearing Assist app provides ultimate control over your sound environment - including a Self Hearing Check that tunes your hearing aids to the results with the easy to use Hearing Assist App. The latest version of our App also allows you to input your own audiogram.  Note that the app is not necessary to use this hearing aid! Volume and mode settings can be adjusted with the simple rocker switch on the hearing aid body. Other features include dual microphones, flexible ear tubes to customize your fit, and more!

  • Receiver in Canal design better for high-frequency sounds
  • Self-optimizing Hearing Check via smartphone app
  • Smartphone Bluetooth App control
  • Water resistant (IP65 Rating)
  • Two ReCharge! Receiver in Canal Hearing Aids for each ear
  • Flexible ear tubes to customize your fit
  • Crystal clear digital sound quality
  • Up to 43dB of amplification
  • Dual microphones
  • Advanced layered background noise reduction
  • Feedback Suppression
  • Magnetic charging dock with dual charging ports & Plug Adapter
  • Simple, Illustrated Instruction Manual
  • Multiple ear cap sizes
  • 1-year warranty

    Guides & Manuals

    User Manual - ReCharge! RIC Hearing Aids (HA-900)

    Quick Start Guide - ReCharge! RIC Behind the Ear Hearing Aids (HA-900)

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