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recharge logo Behind The Ear Bluetooth Hearing Aids

On Sale: $599.98 was $899.99

(Smartphone required) Provides ultimate control over your sound environment--including a Self Hearing Check that tunes your hearing aids to the results with the easy to use Hearing Assist App.

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recharge logo Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

On Sale: $499.98 was $699.98

Our most popular offer, with two colors available--Gray or Beige.

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Hearing Assist HA1800 Black In the Ear Completely in Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid


Tiny! This hearing aid fits entirely in the ear canal making it easy to wear with glasses. This model is design, engineered, and assembled in the USA!

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TO ORDER BY PHONE, CALL 1-800-700-HEAR (4327)

Do I need a Hearing Test?

No hearing test is needed to purchase Hearing Assist Hearing Aids.  Our products are designed to amplify the frequencies most commonly associated with mild to moderate hearing loss--loss that occurs from long term noise exposure or simply aging.  This type of hearing loss is very common but not often treated.  Hearing Assist hearing aids have multiple settings that allow users to choose which one best matches their hearing loss profile.  We also offer our new HA-802 hearing aid which uses a smartphone app to optimize to your personal hearing needs and provide the ultimate control over your sound environment.

  • 100% Rechargable

  • 60 Day Money back Guarantee

  • Excellent US-Based Customer Service

  • FDA Cleared

  • Magnetic charging station

  • Behind The Ear 4-program hearing aids

  • Affordable payment plans by Affirm








Four Convenient Programs (BTE Model):

  • Quiet (office, home)

  • Noisy (restaurants)

  • TV mode

  • Outdoors